Accounting Outsourcing

Who is interested in accounting outsourcing?

Large and medium businesses;


Small enterprises;

Representative offices of foreign companies.

Services for large and medium enterprises:

  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements and management reporting;
  • Control over correct preparation of financial statements and tax reporting;
  • Maintaining separate accounting sections (payroll calculation, communication with debtors and creditors, accounting for fixed assets and intangible assets, accounting for inventories, accounting for income, etc.);
  • Advisory services in accounting and taxation;
  • HR management and record keeping;
  • Testing candidates for the position of accountant and evaluation of employees of the company’s accounting service;
  • Development of the company’s document flow guidelines and bylaws for certain financial and business operations;
  • Support during tax audits and assistance with auditors;
  • Temporary accounting and tax accounting services and provision of professionals for specific types of work;
  • Organising and conducting stock takes, audit services, and internal investigations.

For individual entrepreneurs and individuals:

  • Residency and citizenship issues;
  • Registration of individual entrepreneurs and consultation on starting a business;
  • Opening a bank account and registering cash register equipment;
  • Tax amnesty and CFC issues;
  • Preparation of a notice of opening a bank account abroad;
  • Advice on payment of property, transport, and land taxes;
  • Submission of a statement of property ownership;
  • Maintenance of records of income and expenses of individual entrepreneurs for tax purposes;
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns (3-NDFL and 4-NDFL forms) (for both Russian and foreign citizens);
  • Advice on obtaining a tax deduction;
  • Preparation of a statement of account with a bank outside the Russian Federation for resident individuals.

For small enterprises and representative offices of foreign companies:

  • Accounting and tax accounting services (including preparation of source documents), as well as management accounting in an agreed format;
  • Preparation and submission of financial statements, tax returns, and statistical reporting;
  • Calculation of taxes and fees, and preparation of tax returns;
  • Reconstruction of accounting records and setting up record keeping;
  • Payroll calculation and preparation of reports to government bodies on taxes and contributions from salaries and wages;
  • Verification of correct maintenance of accounting and tax records;
  • Support during tax audits;
  • Advice on accounting, management accounting, taxation, and legal services;
  • Organisation of HR record keeping and preparation of localised health and safety regulations;
  • Testing candidates for the position of accountant or chief accountant.
Vitaly Zavertnev CEO, Head of Accounting Functions Outsourcing Section