HR Record Keeping. Recruitment & Outstaffing. Testing.

HR Record Keeping

HR record keeping and payroll calculation is one of the key elements of maintaining the accounting function in a company. We can help you with this task.

Quality of HR record keeping and payroll calculation systems determine performance of employees, legal security, and the image of the company in the market. Even a small mistake can lead to significant losses and suspension of the business.

HR outsourcing by BC+ helps to avoid risks and save time for both employees and business owners and, in some cases, reduces the cost of the internal HR service.

Our company is ready not only to take on the responsibility of keeping HR records and calculating payroll for employees, managers, and executives, but also to provide you with fully featured software and professional legal support.

HR outsourcing includes:

  • Integrated HR record keeping and payroll calculation services;
  • Organisation of HR record keeping from scratch;
  • Maintenance of individual HR record keeping or payroll calculation;
  • Audit of HR management and payroll calculation.

BC+ offers HR outsourcing in two main blocks – Payroll and HR Administration.

The Payroll block includes:

  • Payroll calculation;
  • Calculation of off-cycle payments (vacations, dismissals, sick leave, etc.);
  • Preparation of payroll registers;
  • Calculation and application of all types of deductions (personal income tax, deductions on writ of execution, etc.);
  • Calculation of compulsory insurance premiums;
  • Preparation and submission of monthly, quarterly, and annual reports to funds and tax inspection;
  • Sending reports by electronic communication channels;
  • Preparation of tax payment orders and payment control;
  • Advice on payroll calculation details.

The HR Administration block includes:

  • Setting up HR record keeping (development of the internal code of conduct, regulations on remuneration, regulations on personal data protection, job descriptions, etc.);
  • Software-based registration of hiring or dismissal (record of recruitment decision, employment contract, and job description);
    Preparation of additional agreements to employment contracts (changes in salary, position, etc.);
  • Software-based registration of employees going on and returning from sick leave;
  • Maintenance of employee profiles (T-2);
  • Keeping record of unused holiday entitlement for employees;
  • Registration of employment record books and records of incoming and outgoing employees;
  • Maintenance of electronic employment record books.

We guarantee top-level fulfilment of the tasks set due to the expertise of our professionals and understanding of requirements of modern business processes.


BC+ has been advising Russian and foreign companies on setting up and running a business in Russia for over a decade. We understand the specifics of doing business in Russia and pay special attention to recruitment of specialists for the position of Chief Accountant, the main representative of CEO, and for other responsible roles.

Recruitment services for accounting and HR record keeping:

We provide services in recruitment of key employees in areas in which we have our own experience. We use specially designed interview and testing methods to select the most suitable candidates.

Our customers entrust us with testing and selecting specialists for positions in accounting, HR record keeping, financial control, and taxation:

  • Chief Accountant;
  • Senior Accountant;
  • Bookkeeper;
  • Financial Controller;
  • Tax Advisor;
  • HR Officer;
  • IT/ERP Expert.

Selection stages:

  • Face-to-face or online interview with our recruiter;
  • Testing for professional aptitude using a special programme developed by an international company from the world’s TOP 10 audit and consulting groups. Testing is conducted by an expert in the field of accounting and management accounting;
  • Final interview with the head of the outsourcing practice, a BC+ partner.

As a result, the customer receives a real assessment of the candidate’s professional qualities, based on the opinion of practising professionals with extensive experience, as well as our assessment of their personal and business qualities.


Whether to hire their own staff or use services of external providers – this is the dilemma faced by almost all entrepreneurs at some point in the development of their business. We are ready to provide our employees to perform the customer’s current business tasks on-site (if necessary).

Outstaffing helps to address the following challenges:

  • Provide a start-up company with the necessary staff at the initial stage until reaching the target economic indicators;
  • Save office space if the employee works remotely from the BC+ office;
  • Leave production processes and accounting to the care of professionals in the event of a temporary but necessary absence of the owners or company management;
  • Delegate functions of accounting or HR services to an independent provider to maintain a balance of interests of the parties in a joint venture; and
  • Maintain data confidentiality in the company’s accounting systems.

How does it work?

  • We hire a candidate who has been selected by the customer, or we select a professional in the labour market ourselves according to specified parameters;
  • We sign an on-site service agreement with the customer and an employment contract with the employee, where BC+ is the employer. We deduct and pay all taxes and fees, as we do with other BC+ staff members;
  • The employee is at the customer’s service, performs the tasks assigned by the latter, and acts in compliance with the internal regulations of the customer’s company; and
  • At the end of the term or upon completion of a project for which the employee was employed, BC+ deals with the formalities of terminating the employment.
Vitaly Zavertnev CEO, Head of Accounting Functions Outsourcing Section