Supported by our partners from the National Center for Visualization, we create information systems that support owners and business leaders in their decision-making. Our systems are capable of processing big data flows from various accounting systems of our clients and interpreting them using helpful infographics.

Making managerial decisions involves analysing data from production and accounting systems in the company’s IT landscape. We solve the problems of managing big data using cutting-edge technologies in the field of data visualisation and provide deep integration with these systems (including BI and EDMS systems), as well as implement the possibility of secure remote work, taking into account modern anti-virus requirements.

Our visualisation tools allow to:

  • guarantee the most effective visual analysis of relevant information;
  • demonstrate possible trends.

To represent information in our systems, we use:

  • graphs, charts, flowcharts, tables, maps, lists. User chooses time periods, data types and display format;
  • dynamic and interactive 3D interface creating an augmented reality effect. Such an interface allows users to manage the displayed content, search, transform the displayed data, and choose what specifically they would like to focus on.

Features of our visualisation tools:

  • clear and simple presentation of arrays of complex information;
  • real-time information display;
  • eye-catching design enhances user engagement;
  • an unlimited pool of visualisation tools for a wide variety of companies and industries;
  • advanced functionality in interactive form.

Technical advantages of our solutions:

  • cutting-edge approaches to UX and UI design;
  • open source. A client is empowered to utilise our solutions unaided;
  • reliable access from a mobile device;
  • commitment to the strategy of import substitution;
  • utilisation of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data technologies;
  • easily integrate into the existing IT landscape.
Валентин Живилов Руководитель практики информационных технологий
Valentin Zhivilov Head of Information Technology Practice