Migration Law

We have solid experience in working with foreign residents on the one-stop principle: we provide legal, translation, notary and tax services. We also have expertise in the field of legalisation and can receive and prepare your documents in any and for any country in the world.

We can provide you with effective assistance in the following areas:

  • obtaining a quote for the purpose of securing a Moscow temporary residence permit;
  • obtaining a quote for the purpose of securing a Moscow Region temporary residence permit;
  • securing a Moscow limited stay permit;
  • securing a Moscow or Moscow Region resident card;
  • registration of citizenship in Moscow and Moscow Region;
  • securing permission to recruit foreign employees and utilise their labour, including obtaining a work permit and extending a visa to an annual one (for Moscow and Moscow Region);
  • securing a work permit for highly qualified specialists (in Moscow and Moscow Region);
  • notification of the internal affairs bodies on the conclusion (termination) of an employment contract with foreign residents, on the HQS payroll accounting;
  • issuing letters of invitation;
  • extension of Russian visa without leaving;
  • translation of any document from/into any language;
  • legalisation of documents (consular legalisation, apostille, translation verification in consulates, certification of documents in the CCI);
  • accreditation of branches and representative offices of foreign companies;
  • advising on all matters of migration law.
Виталий Завертнев Руководитель практики аутсорсинга учетных функций
Vitaliy Zavertnev Head of Accounting Outsourcing Practice