Outsourcing is the most effective solution in the conditions of the so-called “Sharing Economy”. Adoption of outsourcing allows you to move from fixed costs for maintaining back office functions to variable ones, that is, to use and pay for only the level of staffing required at the current moment of business development. Benefits of working with an outsourcing company:

  • opportunity to concentrate on the core profitable business, shifting responsibility for the costly back office to professionals;
  • tax risk reduction for distributed business groups, since outsourcing allows you to avoid being classified as an interdependent group of companies on the basis of having a single control centre;
  • additional growth opportunities, including quick introduction of new business lines without the need to increase the number of administrative staff and expand office space;
  • optimising the cost of back office maintenance and converting such fixed costs into variable ones (on-demand);
  • reduction of time for making investment decisions.

Our advantages:

  • Cost-cutting. By not retaining full-time specialists, you reduce the costs associated with wages, taxes, social packages, workplace equipment, software installation and updates, staff development, subscription to specialised literature, and so on. Since the majority of our outsourced staff are located in Volgograd, you can save even more.
  • Responsibility. As the outsourcing company, we are financially liable for the services provided. If a client has problems due to our fault, we, unlike a full-time accountant, can compensate for the damage. We are insured for professional liability.
  • Quality. We guarantee a stable result even in the most exceptional situations. Our outsourcing practice maintains international standards of accounting services. Our specialists, who have qualifications and certificates of professional accountants or auditors, constantly upgrade their skills and undergo mandatory annual certification. The high level of practical knowledge of our employees is the result of many years of work in various industries, with numerous companies and in different circumstances.
  • Human factor mitigation. Our company never quits, gets sick, or goes on vacation. We exclude the influence of employees’ personal circumstances on the results of our work. A whole team of professionals works on the tasks of the client, which eliminates the risk of individual errors.
  • Risk reduction. The cost of our services is significantly lower than full-time employee costs and expenditure connected with eliminating their mistakes, possible legal costs, fines and sanctions from fiscal and regulatory public authorities.
  • Efficiency. We cope with tasks faster and more reliably than full-time employees. Due to the large volume of similar work, we are constantly improving our process solutions, which allow us to optimise processes and increase efficiency of every unit of working time spent.
  • Focus. You are no longer involved in personnel micro-management, as such issues as employee recruitment, motivation and training, HR record management, and so on are taken over by the outsourcing company. In this way, you can reduce or effectively reorganise the existing staff, with employees and managers being able to focus on more important tasks.
  • Representation. You receive a guarantee of competent and reliable protection when interacting with third parties. If a service involves communication with tax and other government agencies or auditors, we act as a confident, reliable and professional representative.

What is special about BC+ outsourcing services:

  • the regular professional staff are located in Volgograd, which significantly reduces your costs;
  • the main volume of work is priced according to a fixed amount per month;
  • each client has a personal manager – a highly qualified accountant in Moscow, available during business hours every day;
  • additional consultations are charged according to hourly rates in the required volumes;
  • employees immersed in your business hold additional consultations faster and better than when hiring third-party firms;
  • multi-disciplinary business support, including advice on tax and legal issues, investment analysis, market research, corporate management, as well as assistance in international law and tax matters.

Working with us you get results:

  • in the agreed volume;
  • within the agreed time;
  • at the agreed price.
Виталий Завертнев Руководитель практики аутсорсинга учетных функций
Vitaliy Zavertnev Head of Accounting Outsourcing Practice