Interim Management

CEO function

Until 2014, it was impossible to implement the so-called “Four-Eye Principle” in Russia, a tool widely used in Europe for group control over important decisions in the process of managing a company, in which the authority to sign is granted simultaneously to two or more managers. Since September 1, 2014, one enterprise may have several CEOs with sole or joint signatory authority.

When it comes to foreign businesses in Russia, many parent companies want to have a foreign representative in the position of CEO, which is often difficult due to various restrictions on tenure or due to sanctions or pandemics. In fixed-term projects, joint ventures, and investment fund projects it is also often necessary to involve a temporary CEO who will satisfy their requirements.

We are ready to propose the candidatures of our experienced colleagues who will take on the CEO’s duties and manage the company as agreed with you. We can take over management of a representative office or a branch on the basis of a power of attorney. In such cases we ensure the fulfilment of all government-imposed responsibilities and prompt exchange of information and documents, while also guaranteeing the proper expertise level and manager’s professional image corresponding to the task.

Our candidate, with the support of specialists from all BC+ service lines, will take on the following tasks:

  • document management and interaction with business owners;
  • personal presence and representation of business interests in the Federal Tax Service and other government and law enforcement agencies;
  • signing declarations and other documents as agreed with the owners;
  • signing employment contracts, affirming employment decisions such as granting holiday requests, bonuses, and so on;
  • verification and signing of all documents in the framework of economic activities, such as contracts, invoices, and acts of services rendered;
  • representing the interests of business owners in negotiations with business partners and banks;
  • setting up the “Protector” function and interacting with the persons appointed by you to coordinate key operations, transactions, payments, and so on, so that the business continues to remain under your control.

Advantages of interim management service:

  • transfer of the routine interaction with regulatory authorities and risks to a professional business manager;
  • possibility of temporary replacement of a project leader without expenditure connected with recruitment agencies and “golden parachutes”;
  • reduced social payments, vacation and other expenses for management staff;
  • minimum time spent on recruitment at the outset of any project;
    no stress or risk of legal arguments or compensation payments when parting with a senior executive;
  • building up useful experience in delegation of powers within the company;
  • an outside perspective will help develop new ideas and maintain objectivity in decision-making;
  • presentability of a senior executive complies with the scope of the project.
Виталий Завертнев Руководитель практики аутсорсинга учетных функций
Vitaliy Zavertnev Head of Accounting Outsourcing Practice