What we are


BC+ was established in 2009 as a subsidiary of the largest Russian audit company, a member of the international network, included in the world’s TOP 10 audit and consulting groups. The company was created with the purpose of providing highly professional services in the outsourcing of accounting functions.

In 2017, the company was acquired by its current owners, who came from an international law firm which is a member of the London Magic Circle. This decision was driven by growing market demand for comprehensive outsourcing of back office and accounting functions for family offices of HNW customers.

In 2018, BC+ opened an office in Volgograd. That step enabled us to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of routine operations for customers.

Over the next three years, the reputation of our reliable and trusted consultants, who are capable of solving the most complex problems, has brought several large family businesses and investment funds to BC+.

n June 2021, BC+ rated 41st in‘The Top Groups and Companies Engaged in Accounting Outsourcing 2020’ rating according to the RAEX agency.

In 2021, the number of employees working in our company in Russia exceeded 30 professionals who provide services to customers in the offices in Moscow and Volgograd. The company’s partners began negotiations to open a new office in the Krasnodar Region.

In 2022, the interim management practice vigorously grew at BC+. This area had been among our services earlier. However, the events after 24 February 2022 and the curtailment of their Russia business by foreign companies saw an increase in requests for this service. BC+ received more than 20 mandates to perform the sole executive body functions of legal entities and branches from companies that are world leaders in their industries and have Russian subsidiaries.

The company continued to provide accounting services and by 2022 rated 42nd in the ranking by RAEX of The Top Groups and Companies Engaged in Accounting Outsourcing:


BC+ in numbers:

  • 40+ customers in various industries;
  • 6 services;
  • 42nd in the Russian national rating by RAEX;
  • 1 regional office;
  • 30+ professionals (including third party ones)


  • RAEX (Expert RA) is the largest rating agency in Russia with a 22-year history. It is a leader in the field of rating, research, and communication. BС+ ranked 42nd in the RAEX ranking. The total income of all BС+ services had more than tripled by the end of 2022 as compared to 2017. It is the company’s most successful year since its foundation in 2009, and the best result among the ranking participants. The total headcount of the company, including outsourced staff assigned to a number of projects, increased by 30%. BС+ experts, including those from regional offices, provide services to customers from various regions of Russia.

Financial Performance


The summary of our financial performance as of 31 December 2022:

  • The overall growth in income from the services provided by interim management services exceeded 70% of total income.
  • The headcount in all BC+ offices reached 30 employees, including professionals from various industries engaged on a permanent basis.
  • The BC+ market in Moscow Region shows a significant increase in income due to the active use of various modern online channels and services by economic entities, and the availability to BC+ of a professional team of IT specialists.
  • The company’s total income reached 39 million RUB, and its net profit increased two-fold year-on-year.

Our Experience

  • Transfer of family businesses with more than 500 employees, which are run by a Russian entrepreneur, the owner of one of the largest companies in Russia engaged in the production of building materials, outsourcing, support of investments in commercial and residential real estate, financial sector, and hotel and restaurant businesses.
  • Accounting outsourcing in a group of companies of a Russian businessman investing in the construction of recreational facilities, sports facilities, and IT start-ups with a total staff of more than 2,000 employees. The implementation of tax compliance measures, corporate and tax structuring of investment projects, recruitment, and outstaffing.
  • Assistance in the transfer of outsourcing for back office functions of one of the largest manufacturers of household chemicals, car cosmetics, and cleaning products. Audit and optimisation of business processes and development of a KPI system for employees of auxiliary departments.
  • Performance of the sole executive body functions and consulting support to top management of more than 20 legal entities and branches of foreign companies that are world leaders in their industries that have subsidiaries in Russia.