Services for Wealthy Family Offices

A growing number of second- and later-generation family businesses are establishing “Family Offices” designed to make it easier for owners to fulfil the tasks and obligations of managing family assets and family businesses. To increase efficiency and reduce costs, many enlist the services of so-called “multi-family offices” performing tasks for several families at once. Of course, each family has its own requirements, and it is precisely the art of experienced consultants to take into account these differences when handling various operations on behalf of their clients.

Family offices help family members manage their assets, take care of maintaining positive relationships between family members, and develop a strategy for increasing the wealth and success of family businesses. For our part, we help family offices deal with the routine and take on the full range of their back office functions.

We free up time for you to solve the really important strategic tasks of managing your family business.

Дмитрий Шерстобитов Основатель сервиса
Dmitriy Sherstobitov Service Founder