BC+ is an authorised partner of 1C Company. As part of this service, we provide the following IT support to our customers:

(А) Standard applied solutions for Russian companies, based on the 1C Enterprise 8 platform:

Applied solutions by 1C Company are designed to automate typical tasks of accounting and enterprise management. When developing them, we took into account both modern international management methods (MRP II, CRM, SCM, ERP, ERP II, etc.) and the specific needs of enterprises that go beyond the standard functionality of those methods. We also took the account of the successful automation experience accumulated by 1C Company and the partner community.

Functionality of our solutions is constantly being improved. 1C Company analyses experience of users of 1C: Enterprise software and monitors changes in their needs.

  • 1C: Accounting 8, including CORP version, basic version, and special editions of the basic version, 1C: Simplified Tax System 8 and 1C: Entrepreneur 8;
  • Trade Management, including the basic version;
  • 1C: Retail 8, including the basic version;
  • 1C: Payroll & HR 8, including CORP version and basic version;
    1C: Integrated Automation 8.

(B) 1C Information Technology Support

Our information technology support (ITS) provides comprehensive support for 1C software users, including:

  • Online provision of ITS, technological information, guidelines, and advisory materials;
  • Services by 1C partners, making it possible to regularly receive the latest 1C updates in due time and use the most current software versions; and
  • Additional services that make 1C programmes the most convenient, efficient, and comfortable for the user.

Efficiency of the use of business software to a large extent depends on its prompt and high-quality support. As part of the ITS project, 1C software users have access to advisory, methodological, and technological support for software products on a regular and timely basis.

By becoming a user of ITS by BC+, our customers will be able to use their time more efficiently, save money, and improve their skills. A selection of guidelines will help you to deepen knowledge about functionality of 1C software and maintain awareness of the latest accounting methods.

If our customers cannot find the answer to the question they have among our online resources, they have an option of using our additional free services provided by our experts as part of the service. All ITS subscribers have access to the most up-to-date information. Materials on the internet service are regularly updated, which allows you to always stay up to date with news and the latest changes in legislation.

(C) System Administration

Any technical problem may be solved through our hot line of technical support and remote system administration service. This service can be of particular use to small and medium enterprises. Our experts on the office’s general telephone line are available from 09:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.

As part of this service, we will provide you the following services:

  • Audit of the existing computer network;
  • Calculation of the total cost of owning a computer fleet according to the TCO model and planning a computer network in order to reduce costs;
  • Organising the purchase of computer and communication equipment and software to bring the company’s IT fleet to a single model and age level. This will allow you to achieve significant savings on its maintenance;
  • Installation and upgrades of the hardware and software purchased; and
  • Regular monitoring and ensuring the effective functioning of the network.

(D) Due Diligence

We use the databases of our partners, D&B and Interfax, to provide due diligence of Russian and foreign counterparties, give assessment of the likelihood of termination of a partner or a customer, and verify compliance with Federal Law No.115-FZ.

Ivan Romanchuk Head of IT-Support