Why us?

We can help you to handle the situation when facing the most common threats

  • Misreporting
  • Corporate conflicts
  • Court proceedings
  • Tax audits
  • Cyber attacks
  • Intervention of law enforcement agencies
  • Owners’ family-related conflicts
  • Critical changes in legislation
  • Sabotage by executives

We understand your environment. You can rely on us.

We are a unique multi-sourcing service in Russia that brings together experts in taxation, effective tax structuring, and accounting outsourcing, financial and investment advisors, HR management specialists, and experts in IT support, security, and data visualisation.
FREEDOM. Acting as a team, we reduce time required to make decisions in critical situations. We give company owners an opportunity to focus their efforts on the core profitable business and entrust care of the costly back-office to specially trained people.
GROWTH. We make it possible to take decisions about investments in new lines of business without the need to increase the number of administrative staff and office space.
OPTIMISATION of administration costs and transformation from fixed costs into variable costs (on-demand).

RELEVANCE. We invest our time and money in a constant analysis of changing market conditions, changes in legislation, judicial practice, and modern trends in effective solution of business problems. You receive ready-made solutions.
OPPORTUNITIES. Our opportunities and connections are available to all our customers. We are able not only to accomplish our professional tasks, but also to help you find the necessary contacts and acquaintances, both in Russia and abroad.
Our approach combines legal rigor with sensitivity, discretion, and confidentiality in order to protect your interests in the most difficult situations.