For Entrepreneurs

New Opportunity

If you have an interesting business idea and you want to know what is already on the market in this area and what is needed to make it work, then it is time to contact us.

We will analyse your idea and your goals, evaluate them from various points of view (such as law, taxes, finance, and marketing), help you prepare a business plan, financial model, and an investment memorandum if necessary, and help you make a final decision. Together we will make your dreams and ideas come true. No good idea has ever been implemented without critical thinking, focus, and hard work.

We will turn your idea into a powerful business case.


Who does not dream of growing, prospering, being firmly established, improving the quality of life, finding ways to run their businesses soundly, and playing their part in social progress? Every entrepreneur is looking for opportunities for growth and development. For many, these concepts are the essence of success.

Companies that are showing healthy growth are capable of long-term development. They are more often seen as reliable partners and enlist the trust of their customers, colleagues, and employees.

At the same time, growth brings new challenges and risks:

  • The need to introduce new business processes and optimise existing ones;
  • The need to enter into new markets; and
  • Growing financial risks.

Usually, growth is not a spontaneous result. It requires planning from the very start of a business. Growing companies are often faced with the fact that they have to change their original plans and calculations. We are ready to help you with this by taking on:

  • Accounting outsourcing;
  • HR record keeping, recruitment, outstaffing, and testing;
  • Migration law issues;
  • Tax advice;
  • Interim management;
  • IT;
  • Financial consulting; and
  • Office solutions.

With the exit from a business, an exciting new stage in life begins. The successful end of this process requires a detailed roadmap and painstaking preparation of each step.

The careful study of your specific situation and application of proven tools can save time and prevent emotional ties from negatively impacting the outcome. Our solutions are developed primarily for entrepreneurs and cover various scenarios:

  • Transfer of the business to family members;
  • Separation of capital and business management;
  • Buyout of the business by the management of the company;
  • Sale to third parties;
  • Winding-up.

Selling a business is an emotional event that does not happen every day. Therefore, nothing in this process should be left to chance. Professional legal and tax structuring, trust, and last but not least tact are critical.

Difficulties in this process are most commonly caused by the following:

  • Decision to sell the company is repeatedly postponed;
  • Overpricing;
  • Owner-managed companies do not have a clear distinction between personal expenses and business expenses, and there is no reliable management reporting;
  • Employees are not sufficiently involved in business organisation processes and therefore cannot replace the outgoing owner.

We advise every entrepreneur to prepare for this important moment in advance. It is a rocky road, but our experts will help you to cope with all of the difficulties.


Vitaly ZavertnevCEO, Head of Outsourcing Practice