RAEX (Expert RA)

RAEX (Expert RA) is the largest rating agency in Russia with a 22-year history. It is a leader in the field of rating, research, and communication. BС+ ranked 42nd in the RAEX ranking.

The total income of all BС+ services had more than tripled by the end of 2022 as compared to 2017. It is the company’s most successful year since its foundation in 2009, and the best result among the ranking participants. The total headcount of the company, including outsourced staff assigned to a number of projects, increased by 30%. BС+ experts, including those from regional offices, provide services to customers from various regions of Russia.

The Main Achievements of BC+ in 2022:

  • The overall growth in income from the services provided by interim management services exceeded 70% of total income.
  • The headcount in all BC+ offices reached 30 employees, including professionals from various industries engaged on a permanent basis.
  • The BC+ market in Moscow Region shows a significant increase in income due to the active use of various modern online channels and services by economic entities, and the availability to BC+ of a professional team of IT specialists
  • The company’s total income reached 39 million RUB, and its net profit increased two-fold year-on-year.


“The world is rapidly moving towards digitalisation. The pandemic has accelerated this process – everything that can be digitised and done remotely has either already been transferred to this mode of doing things, or will be in the nearest future. Hard copy contracts and face-to-face meetings are a thing of the past. It has become obvious that many business processes can be implemented remotely. The era of outsourcing has come. This means that our solutions must be technologically advanced and cost-effective, as economic benefits come to the fore again.”

Vitaly Zavertnev, Head of the Outsourcing Accounting Department at BC+.