Elena Gulina

Elena Gulina Senior Associate, Interim Management
  • 19 years
    of experience
  • 86 successful

Prior to joining the BC-Plus team, working as the deputy CEO of a special project company, as well as the head of the legal department of an international IT-leasing company allowed me to gain experience in interacting with leaders of Russian and foreign businesses in Russia. For more than 12 years, I have been providing legal support to CHG-MERIDIAN's subsidiary, the leading international technology and financing company in the IT, industrial and healthcare sectors.

In the course of my work, I have been responsible for a wide range of issues related to the legal aspects of a company's business, including:

- dealing with structuring and negotiation of various types of transactions (leasing agreements, delivery agreements, insurance of equipment, factoring, inter-company loans, credit agreements, etc.);

- carrying out the corporate procedures of the company and interacted with a foreign shareholder;

- providing legal support for the company's participation in state and municipal procurements;

- being responsible for compliance with the requirements of legislation on countering money laundering and the funding of terrorism;

- providing legal support for the current business activities of the company.

At BC-Plus I am responsible for legal support of the Moscow office of the firm and governing individual projects in the field of interim management. I am always eager to participate in new and interesting business projects.