Irina Pichugina

Irina Pichugina Head of Standalone Subdivision in Volgograd
  • 21 years
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Irina Pichugina

Head of Standalone Subdivision in Volgograd

I have always been in love with numbers and exact sciences; therefore, at the same time I received my higher education in construction at the faculty of economics and management at Volgograd Academy of Architecture and Construction, I also received my Diploma of Enterprise Accounting. I began my career as an accountant at a large manufacturing enterprise of the Volga chemical complex. As I always liked to gain knowledge and experience, within 5 years I graduated through the ranks and left the enterprise as head of the financial and tax department.

I have been heading accounting and financial service teams of enterprises for over 21 years. I worked in the largest holdings in Volgograd, carrying out control and accounting of more than 40 organizations at the same time.

In 2016, I received an MBA from the International Institute of Management LINK in Zhukovsky - a strategic partner and exclusive representative of the UK Open University (OU) School of Business, faculty of Business Practice and Strategic Enterprise Management.

I have worked with all tax systems and many business sectors such as wholesale and retail, construction, services, catering, and production.

In my many years of experience, in addition to accounting functions, I have dealt with management of internal accounting, analysis of financial flows, planning and budgeting. I have worked with banks dealing with lending, leasing, bank guarantees and with insurance companies. Also, I have always been interested in work of an economic nature: marginality calculation, control over timely price increases, calculation of the maximum allowable price, breakeven points, cost control, cost analysis, output, productivity and write-off purchases of raw materials, control and development of business processes to improve the efficiency of enterprises, tax risks and tax optimisation. I have also implemented new software at enterprises.

Multitasking has always been an interesting challenge for me. Since 2017, when I came to work in outsourcing, I have adopted an individual approach to each client, taking into account the specifics of the client's work.
I am always searching for new and effective solutions! I am a person with goals and objectives!

I spend my free time with my family. We like to travel and devote time to each other.