Julia Shelekhova

Julia Shelekhova Project Manager
  • 16 years
    of experience
  • 45 successful

After receiving a technical education at Bauman Moscow State Technical University, I set up an equipment sales company. For this, I needed accounting knowledge which I acquired at the Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation. This field captivated me so much that over time it has become my specialism. Gaining practical experience and simultaneously improving my qualifications at courses, trainings and programs, I received various certificates, including the Certificate of Professional Accountant in 2009 and the DipIFR Certificate in 2011.

With over 16 years of experience in accounting, as well as managing a team of accountants in a Russian audit and consulting company with high international ratings, I have accumulated a number of successfully completed projects for internationally-renowned clients.

I am experienced in:
- accounting according to both Russian standards and IFRS;
- development of methodologies and organisation of accounting staff;
- providing comprehensive protection of clients within the framework of desk inspections and tax refunds;
- restoring accounting to customers even in the most difficult and neglected situations;
- consulting and participation in the development of software and internal reporting forms;
- preparation of management reports according to the standards of companies’ head office, budgeting and planning;
- conducting internal audits and organisation of testing of accountants at the client’s request;
– solving non-standard tasks of analysing the work of the clients’ financial departments with the preparation of recommendations for restructuring and improving their efficiency.

I am proud that the results of my work have received high feedback from clients, and I have contributed to the development of new and interesting business projects.

I have a keen interest in France, having learnt French and studied the culture and history of France. This has found application in my work with foreign clients, many of which have been French-speaking.
I enjoy spending my free time with family and friends. I love spending time in the countryside, but I also do not miss the opportunity to visit my favourite places abroad.