For Family Offices

A growing number of second- and later-generation family businesses are establishing family offices designed to make it easier for owners to fulfil the tasks and obligations of managing family assets and family businesses. In order to increase efficiency and reduce costs, many resort to the services of so-called multi-family offices, which solve the problems of several families at once. Of course, each family has different needs. The skill of an experienced consultant is to take into account these differences in conducting various operations on behalf of their customers.

Family offices help family members manage their assets, take care of maintaining positive relationships between family members, and develop a strategy for increasing wealth and success of family businesses. We help family offices by dealing with the routine and taking on the full range of functions of their back office.

Monitoring and reporting services:

  • Consolidated report on all bank accounts;
  • Consolidated report on all family assets according to specified parameters;
  • Consolidated profitability report and comparison with profitability target;
  • Annual financial performance;
  • Risk notification;
  • Online reporting system;
  • Determination of financial status and current income;
  • Cash flow planning;
  • Private accounting;
  • Cash flow management – paying bills, receiving proceeds, issuing payments, and budgeting.

State planning services:

  • Structuring assets and investments for tax planning purposes;
  • Advice on ownership, asset management, and distribution of assets;
  • Asset protection structures.

Taxes. International tax planning:

  • Double taxation avoidance planning;
  • Advice on local and international taxation;
  • Fiscal migration;
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns.

Fiduciary and corporate services:

  • Advice on registration and management of companies in various jurisdictions;
  • Selection of trusts, funds, and other corporate structures;
  • Coordination of contact with various local service providers and government bodies;
  • Assistance in selecting trustees and fiduciaries;
  • Monitoring expenses of trustees and fiduciaries;
  • Provision of registered office space;
  • Provision of interim management services (CEO and temporary shareholders).

Real estate services:

  • Advice on legal regulation of real estate issues;
  • Search for real estate for investment;
  • Assistance in acquiring real estate from public property;
  • Support in selling real estate;
  • Assistance in obtaining a loan;
  • Support in acquisition of yachts and aircraft, and management of claims with manufacturers;
  • Creation of efficient tax structures for ownership of yachts and aircraft.

Development of a family business:

  • Advice on mergers and acquisitions;
  • Search for business partners;
  • Venture capital investments in private companies.

Marriage and inheritance services:

  • Support in structuring joint ownership;
  • Support in drafting a will;
  • Drafting a marriage contract and prenuptial agreements;
  • Pension planning;
  • Control over execution of a will.

Administrative services:

  • Support on general legal issues;
  • Paperwork and registration of documents;
  • Presentation of financial statements;
  • Accounting services and creation of a single accounting centre for groups of companies;
  • Collection and storage of administrative documents;
  • Tax payment and tax law compliance.
  • Advising on joint investment by family members;
  • Taxes and charity law;
  • Support in setting up a family office.

We free up your time to solve the really important strategic tasks involved in managing your family business.

Service Founder

Dmitry Sherstobitov Service Founder